Lucca Siaudzionis

Software Engineer

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I live in San Francisco with my beautiful fiancée and dog. I'm currently working at Airbnb's messaging team and hacking on the side, trying to build things I'm curious about.

Competitive programming was a big part of my previous life, having practiced for ten years, competed in IOI and in the ICPC World Finals twice, and won a few medals along the way. I did my Master's in algorithms and still appreciate them from afar.

Top recent things on my mind

US immigration and my five-year quest to get a green card (still going).
The United States and why it's the greatest country on Earth.
GraphQL and how it's an elegant way to build APIs.
Bicycles and why cars are useless in San Francisco.
Proof of personhood and why no one can seem to pull it off.
Expo and how mobile apps don't have to be that painful to build.
Formula 1 and its unforgiving nature.


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